We are happy to welcome Frederic VEZON to our 2nd Lyon Blockchain Stampede

Written by Javier Andre

MBA Candidate @emlyon business school Entrepreneur looking to use innovative tech to create a positive impact in the world


Emlyon, University of Wyoming are really exited to welcome Frederic VEZON to the Lyon Blockchain stampede.


Frederic Vezon is a professional company manager and developer with a successful track record with SME companies from 0 to 150 employees.  
He has a successful track record of raising capital, growing company value and sales expertise in international business development in Europe, the U.S.A. and Canada. 
He has an extensive contact network of Europeans and Americans with experience in several industries including IT, Banking and Technology. Frederic Vezon has a Master of Engineering (computer science) at CentraleSupelec (1991) and MBA (finance and corporate strategy) at McGill University (1999). 

Conference summary

Blockchain and cybersecurity with real-life cases

How Blockchain technology can help increase data security and fight cyberattacks through real-life examples. Blockchain technology goes beyond cryptocurrencies and traceability. With its unique characteristics for digital data, Blockchain can introduce new ways to strengthen data integrity and cybersecurity. We propose to show real-life cases where Blockchain was used to solve common cybersecurity problems.