We are happy to welcome Costa Choto to our 2nd Lyon Blockchain Stampede

Written by Samantha Huang

MBA from emlyon business school. Passionate for Technology, Blockchain and Data.


Emlyon, University of Wyoming are really exited to welcome Costa Choto to the Lyon Blockchain stampede.


Costa is a Chartered member of the Chartered Institute of Securities & Investments (CISI) UK and a seasoned International Banker with over 17 years of Global finance experience in the USA, Canada, South Africa, Dubai & the Middle East. He has worked with top Tier-Banks and Investment Houses including HSBC where he managed an investor’s portfolio of HNWI clients valued at over USD 400 million until June 2021. He has completed his Bachelors (BCom) Degree from the University of South Africa in Banking & other post-Graduate qualifications in Finance from the UK. He currently serves as a shareholder, Strategic Advisor & Executive Board-member of Golden Empire Legacy Limited (GELL), Ghana’s 2nd largest Gold Exporter by volume. He is also a member of the Association of Black Securities & Investment Professionals (ABSIP) in South Africa. As the head of the Finance function within the VESTOR Group, his role to ensure the Group keeps and maintains the highest level of Compliance standards with regards to Anti-Money Laundering (AML)/ CTF regulations in the Gold industry in the UAE & globally.

Conference summary

Topic: How blockchain is enabling safe and secure mineral trade

I will share my experience as a blockchain stakeholder within the precious minerals industry. To indulge in the benefits of supply chain traceability for precious minerals to mitigate any concerns on fraud, illegal trading, and trade of conflict minerals. Our business is aided by the help of our 3rd party Aurus who facilitate our secure and trading including payments, verification of our mineral trade. Aurus provides AurusGOLD (AWG) which are gold-backed tokens. We trade in a sustainable, global currency that can be used as an alternative to unstable fiat currencies or as the easiest way to invest in gold.