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Emlyon, University of Wyoming are thrilled to welcome

Bala Subramanyam, IPS

 to the India  Blockchain stampede.


Additional Director General of Police

Senior police officer to a state government digital transformation catalyst, Mr. Bala Subramanyam N (IPS) is a legend in government digital transformation arena. He has delivered 223 Transformed G2C services with 50K concurrency for catering more than 50 Crore population in record timeframe of 365 days. He started his digital transformation journey from being the first employee as CEO of e-Pragati (A SPV for Digital Transformation of Whole of State Government), in March 2017 to building a vibrant 400 member organisation with a diversity of skill sets ranging from Enterprise Architects, Solution Architects, UX, QA, Design Architect, Business Analysts, PMs Program Managers, delivering G2C Services for Animal Husbandry (Cattle health life cycle record), Education( Electronic Student record), Agriculture, Transport, Sports, Works Management, UNDP, Police, Intelligence.

Conference summary


Negate information asymmetry in resale vehicle market




Guest profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/balujaanu1/


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