We are happy to welcome Arnaud GRUNTHALER to our 2nd Lyon Blockchain Stampede

Written by Samantha Huang

MBA from emlyon business school. Passionate for Technology, Blockchain and Data.


Emlyon, University of Wyoming are really exited to welcome Arnaud GRUNTHALER to the Lyon Blockchain stampede.


Arnaud Grünthaler is a partner in the Banking and Finance department of the Paris office, where he is in charge of the Financial Services and FinTech/Blockchain practice.

Arnaud Grünthaler has been involved in banking and financial regulation for over 20 years for a wide variety of clients offering their products and services in France. His practice includes asset management, financial services, insurance products and payment services.

Arnaud Grünthaler also advises numerous players in areas related to disintermediated finance for innovative services providers offering banking and finance, insurance or payment services in a digital or decentralised manner, and has developed a recognised an early expertise in blockchain and digital assets matters.

Conference summary

Topic: What to expect from regulators?

What to expect from regulators in the future is an harmonized regulation, particularly at the European level, allowing digital asset service providers to benefit from the European passport and a more protective regulation for investors, in particular retail investors.

What industry professionals are entitled to expect from regulators is a balanced and proportionate regulation that should not be punitive and which would not restrain initiatives, particularly at EU level, and that allows for the development of a mature ecosystem that is competitive with the rest of the world and that regulates and supervises when necessary, without excess or prejudice.

  1. Which industry do you think will be next new being regulated by EU, after MICA (Markets in Crypto-assets)? Why?
  2. For a new start up building the business model based on blockchain technology, but not running on financing area (for example cryptocurrency), what’s your advise for the start up to run the business?
  3. From law and regulation perspective, how would you recommend industrial leaders to prepare themselves from now, in facing blockchain future?