We are happy to welcome Odette Matchinda to our 2nd Lyon Blockchain Stampede

Written by Samantha Huang

MBA from emlyon business school. Passionate for Technology, Blockchain and Data.


Emlyon, University of Wyoming are really exited to welcome Odette Matchinda to the Lyon Blockchain stampede.


Odette is a BLOCKCHAIN Expert. Doctor in business law, maritime activities, and transports of University of Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne.  She is the first student who applied the Blockchain in maritime law as P.h.D topic, exploring the disrupting character of the Blockchain.
Her experience working for CMA-CGM has enabled her to get to grips with issues related to shipping and the supply chain in a digitalized world.
Odette is also a teacher and researcher in the fields of law, Digital, International transport, and logistics.

Conference summary

Topic: Dematerialization of maritime transportation documents: the use of Blockchain as solution

Optimizing supply chain management is a guarantee for the growth of international trade. In the digital age, we are witnessing a just-in-time flow of goods, this presents a risk if the information flows do not operate at the same speed. This is the case of the dematerialization of the maritime bill of lading, which has been seen by operators and researchers as a real “sea serpent”.  Odette will talk how to solve this problem through Blockchain.