We are happy to welcome Bilel Seddik to our 2nd Lyon Blockchain Stampede

Written by Samantha Huang

MBA from emlyon business school. Passionate for Technology, Blockchain and Data.


Emlyon, University of Wyoming are really exited to welcome Bilel Seddik to the Lyon Blockchain stampede.


Bilel has been interested in new technology and in blockchain since a very young age. He was interested in the cypherpunk movement. In 2011 was when he heard about bitcoin and was interested in investing in the same but this was a time when buying thing on Amazon was considered risky for the parents of a then high-school student. He started exploring his interest in blockchain technology in the year 2016. During his course in Germany, they had to pitch for various ideas on startups, where he pitched an idea for a decentralized platform for filmmakers which would connect producers and actors and make the industry a little more transparent. The pitching of this idea was at the time of the “Me Too” movement which made the timing perfect and offered a solution to a real problem. This then made him to continue to explore the various uses of blockchain through various industries. He then went on to work at BigchainDB, company behind the Ocean Protocol. He then completed a dual degree from emlyon and WHU-Otto Beisheim School of Management. Following this, he joined IBM as a Digital Strategy Consultant and working on blockchain projects for CAC40 companies. He also worked independently with art galleries to trace the art as well as verify its authenticity. He then moved to Berlin to do consulting as a freelance and picked up a client who works on digital currencies for enterprises. He is currently also working on his book which will be published in 2022 which is a work of fiction based on his Masters thesis. In this book, AI and Blockchain have replaced traditional governments. He continues to explore the space of blockchain, DeFi, and learn new developments in them.

Conference summary

Bilel will present applied cases on the following topics:

1) Law and Regulation: Worked with the Government of Maharashtra (India) for the registration of cars. He would also like to present a demo video of the software that was implemented. This helped the police verify digitally the entire lifecycle of the car.
2) Law and Regulation: He would also like to present his Master’s Thesis which involves a tool for decision making that would enhance democracy where people could vote on laws using blockchain which would prevent the problems faced by developing nations such as corruption and also in general give transparency to the entire political system.
3) Law and Regulation: (If time permits) Although not implemented, when the presenter was working at IBM, he worked on a project for the traceability of expensive bottles of champagne in China. This use case shows whether the bottles were tampered with, and also shows the traceability and authenticity of the bottles as there is a huge problem with expensive liquor. These assists lawmakers fight counterfeiting in China with the use of blockchain.